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fiji Samoana Astonish Me Samoa - Traditional and Historical Samoa I Sisifo Samoa - The Journey Tales from Vanuatu

DVDs available

Juniper Films has been producing documentaries, most of which have been broadcast worldwide, for over 40 years. Their focus has been on stories from South Pacific nations and Australia.  They have also produced documentaries in Europe, SE Asia and Africa.

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Featured Film

Tales from Vanuatu

Kastom, Kalja, mo Tradisen

Eight impressive Vanuatu Tales which reveal the rich cultural life and tradition on the islands of Malekula, Pentecost, Espiritu Santo, Tanna and Tomman.


More than 40 years in more than 20 countries

For more than 40 years, Juniper Films has been making documentary films. They have travelled to over 20 countries filming the cultures and customs of South Pacific, African and European nations. They have also produced many Australian Arts programmes and profiles for television.