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Documentary film makers

Juniper Films has been producing documentaries, most of which have been broadcast worldwide, for 45 years. Their focus has been on stories from South Pacific nations and Australia.  They have also produced documentaries in Europe, SE Asia and Africa.

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Below is a selection of the films we have produced, many of which are available to order on DVD.

Frozen Music

The Sydney Opera House - It's more than just opera

“Winged gothic” is how Yehudi Menuhin described Sydney’s Opera House. He continued, “music and architecture are related in the sense that they both share structures… a great cathedral can be thought of as frozen music”. More

Running time: 53 min


Traditional and Historical

Robert Louis Stevenson came to Samoa in 1890. He had battled all his life with tuberculosis and in Samoa’s warm and friendly world, he seemed to find his health again. More

Running time: 65 minutes

Astonish Me

Seven rare stories from the South Pacific

Celebrate seven rare stories from the South Pacific where Mother Nature, Mozart and Handel amongst others, make musical impact in Tonga, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Samoa and Tahiti. More

Running time: 60 minutes

Giants of Time

A Celebration of Humanity

Giants of Time is a moving film that reveals and celebrates the fact that one of the most valuable resources of the planet is the astonishing endurance of the human spirit. More

Running time: 60 minutes

Samoa the Journey

Folauga a Samoa 1962 - 2012

At midnight on the last day of 1961, every church bell in Samoa rang out to herald the 1st of January 1962, Independence Day for Samoa. It had been a long and difficult path to this momentous day. More

Running time: 120 minutes



A DVD that combines our 1976 film, Ten Times Empty with extra images and sounds of Symi, an idyllic small Aegean island that was facing change in the mid 1970s. More

Running time: 38 min


The Land and the Legends

Traditional wisdom and myth are our most precious heritage. They bring meaning to life, and rekindle the sense of wonder that is the very life blood of the myth itself. More

Running time: 75 minutes

The Quest of Jimmy Pike

Jimmy Pike lives an extraordinary and idyllic life hunting and painting in a harsh and primitive environment in the Great Sandy Desert with his English wife. More

Running time: 54 minutes

Black Angels

A Widening Vision

Europeans did not see when they occupied Australia, the so called Terra Nullius, that for more than forty thousand years a sophisticated culture, rich in art and in language and profoundly rich in mythology and in spiritual life had existed among the Australian Aboriginals. More

Running time: 54 minutes


Samoa is acknowledged as the original home of Polynesia. SAMOANA includes events which describe Samoa’s 3000 years of settlement. More

Running time: 52 minutes

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